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DO-254/178B certification can be a costly and time consuming undertaking - especially if it's new to your organization. For years, Curtiss-Wright has invested heavily in the people and infrastructure to efficiently deliver products for safety critical applications. Our rigorous design methodologies combined with our disciplined product development approach makes DO-254/178B certification a natural extension to our business model. Through hands on experience with DO-254/178B projects, Curtiss-Wright has developed "certifiable" COTS hardware and software products with re-usable design artifacts to help reduce your certification risk and project costs and accelerate your time to market. These certifiable COTS products can be modified to meet your unique hardware requirements and Curtiss-Wright can provide the appropriate planning and design documents to support your certification effort.

Advantages of Safety Certification

Reduced cost

  • Leverage our standard product portfolio and the development experience we have gained over multiple programs and customers to your financial benefit

Increased speed to market

  • Compress development schedules and reduce development risk with proven base product technology 

  • Begin application development immediately on Curtiss-Wright standard product in conjunction with product customization

Technology innovation

  • Access Curtiss-Wright's extensive library of hardware and software design modules

  • Benefit from Curtiss-Wright's on-going investment and commitment to product research and development 

  • Combine and enhance features from a variety of products to quickly and cost-effectively meet program technical requirements

Risk Management 

  • Reduce your program and schedule risk by engaging a specialist in the technology area 

  • Enjoy the added security of Curtiss-Wright's extensive program management capabilities



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