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        CWCEC offers Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) mezzanine storage cards to extend the operating memory of a wide variety of single board computers including general purpose computers, high end processing computers, digital signal processing or FPGA processing. These versatile PMC and XMC boards can extend the shelf life of older processing boards or can be used to activate memory intensive applications. Due to the industry standard SATA Solid State Drive technology, most BSPs already support these drives. The NAND Flash technology at the heart of these drives make them useful for cost-sensitive, high performance and high density rugged data storage.



Form Factor

Software Support



XMC/PMC-552 256GB XMC/PMC VxWorks®, Wind River® Linux® and Windows® OS Available in Air cooled and Conduction Cooled Two drives with total capacity up to 256GB
XMC/PMC-550 32GB XMC/PMC VxWorks, GPPLE Linux, WinXPe Available in Air cooled and Conduction Cooled Two drives with total capacity up to 32GB


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