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High Performance Embedded Computing

Curtiss-Wright's High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems are characterized by extensive design work, performance specification, certifiable software, and long-term program management.


Design Capability

Qualification Testing

Acceptance Testing

Program Management

Embedded System Advantages


Design Capability

Architecture Trades Studies

  • Selection of the right board products for the solution

  • Data path analysis, minimize bottlenecks, etc.

Interconnect Design/Optimization


  • Open architecture solutions comprised of VPX, VPX-REDI, VME or cPCI bus components in 3U or 6U form factors

  • Exotic enclosure materials

  • Multiple bus support – hybrid backplanes

  • Specialized form factors

  • Customized cooling technologies

Board Modifications/Custom Developments

  • Full engineering support to add any programmatic features required to existing hardware

  • Alternate input power voltage, redundancy, custom I/O configuration, function consolidation

3rd Party Hardware Integration

  • Extensive experience with integration of 3rd party products which provide unique I/O components in lieu of new development


Qualification Testing

Curtiss-Wright environmentally qualifies systems to industry standards based on programmatic requirements. 
The following areas illustrate some of the typical tests we perform:

Low Pressure
High Temperature
Low Temperature
Temperature / Altitude
Temperature Variation
Operation Shocks
Crash Safety
Waterproof Variance
Fluid Susceptibility
Fungus Resistance
Magnetic Effect
Power Input
Voltage Spike
Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility
RF Susceptibility
Emission of RF Energy
Lightening Induced Transient Susceptibility
Electrostatic Discharge
DO-160 Environmental Conditions and
Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment


Low Pressure
High Temperature
Low Temperature
Salt Fog
Sand and Dust
Explosive Atmosphere
Gunfire Vibration
Temp, Humidity, Vibration
Icing, Freezing Rain

U.S. Army Standard Testing

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

EMC Testing of Military Equipment



Acceptance Testing

Hardware Testing
System functionality is thoroughly tested via Curtiss-Wright test racks with interfaces for every possible input and output.

Software Testing Philosophy
Curtiss-Wright performs software stress tests for programs where every interface is loaded in efforts to accurately represent fielded applications.


Program Management

Our program management team acts as a single point of contact for customers, providing regular status updates on development and delivery while ensuring the success of the program throughout the life of deployed units.

Risk Management
Curtiss-Wright risk management process is tailored to identify potential risks before they occur. Risks that may impact performance, functionality, time of delivery, acceptance, or cost are identified and prioritized to ensure that there are no surprises for the customer.

Lifecycle and Logistics Management
Curtiss-Wright focuses on maintaining hardware support and availability throughout the life of the program, with supply support and reasonable turn around repair times. From the development phase, to low rate production, to full production and eventually obsolenscence management - we'll be there to support you every step of the way!



Embedded System Advantages

Curtiss-Wright ensures that all boards and software work together - the customer does not have to deal with incompatible drivers, backplane issues or BSP versions.

Program Management
Curtiss-Wright provides program management to ensure customer programs proceed as intended, giving the customer visibility into the effort to ensure they are informed of and satisfied with the development and delivery of product.

Supply Chain Management
Customers place a single PO & have only one item to maintain on their system Bill of Materials, thus saving time by having the supplier deal with component level items.

Lifecycle Management
Our program management team tracks end of life issues & last time buys so the systems can be deployed fifteen years or longer.

Lower Costs
Packaged COTS products leverage fully developed system solutions so NRE costs are greatly reduced.

Shorter Lead Times
With a collection of intellectual property to use, Curtiss-Wright is extremely efficient at designing and modifying systems leading to vastly reduced delivery times compared to developing new systems.

Risk Mitigation
Development – Packaged COTS solutions reduce risk by using products available today rather than undertaking new hardware or software development and certification tasks.

More Flexibility
Packaged COTS systems are designed with the flexibility of open architecture and facilitate the option to support many different configurations based on customer requirements.


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