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        Skyquest products provide industry leading video display, video distribution, video recording and video transmitting technology for airborne surveillance aircraft. Customers typically include police, customs, coastguard, border patrol, military, search & rescue, air ambulance and government agencies.

        Curtiss-Wright's Skyquest products offer a wide range of multi-function rugged LCD displays for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Our displays are designed for use with FLIR and long range daylight video cameras, moving maps, computers and radar.

        Our current range extends from 4" through to 20.1" units. All our displays offer leading edge functionality including multiple video inputs, VGA inputs, picture-in-picture facility, video freeze frame and digital zoom, internal NVG filters eliminating the need for external NVG filters. Very high brightness, high contrast sunlight readable screens.


Entry-Level Aircraft Mission Displays

High-End Aircraft Mission Displays

Video Recorders

Video Distribution Units

Ancillary Products



Entry-Level Aircraft Mission Displays



15" ALPHA Mission Display

15” (38.1 cm) Multi-Function Video Display

10.4" ALPHA Mission Display

10.4” (26.4 cm) Multi-Function Video Display


High-End Aircraft Mission Displays



20" Hi-Def Mission Display

20" (50.8 cm) Hi-Def Mission Display

15" LCD Mission Displays

15" (38.1 cm) LCD Video Displays  AVDU-3820  AVDU-3824

12.1" LCD Mission Display

12.1" (30.7 cm) LCD Video Display

10.4" XGA Mission Displays

10.4" (26.4 cm) XGA Video Displays   AVDU-2649 AVDU-2642 AVDU-2650 AVDU-2655

8.4" LCD Mission Displays

8.4" (21.3 cm) LCD Video Displays

7" LCD Mission Displays

7" (17.8 cm) HD Video Displays

6.5" LCD Mission Displays

6.5" (16.5 cm) LCD Video Displays  AVDU-1618 AVDU-1626/1627

4" LCD Mission Display

4” (10.2 cm) LCD Multi-Function Video Display


Video Recorders

        Our Skyquest line of video recorders are designed for airborne surveillance cameras, radar and moving maps in all video formats, and can address the most demanding applications, including the latest High Definition video systems. Skyquest recorders offer industry leading, broadcast quality MPEG2 recording onto 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 GB CompactFlash cards, giving users several hours of full quality recording capability. We also offer dual deck versions which either doubles the recording time available, or enables users to record from two video sources.



Physical Dimensions

VRDV-3000 FLASH Disk

225 mm x 146 mm x 57.1 mm

VRDV-40xx FLASH Disk

155 mm x 146 mm x38 mm

VRDV-5002 High Definition

146 mm x 56 mm x 256 mm


Video Distribution Units









The VDSU-1407 can manage a multitude of video signals that can be actively switched to output to up to 6 displays, multiple video recorders and video downlinks, plus an additional 4 fixed composite outputs for sending to other equipment on the aircraft.

Download Fact Sheet



The VDSU-1420 is a High Definition video distribution unit that is designed to complement the existing Skyquest product line. The unit will allow up to 10 HD inputs to be actively switched to any of the 8 HD outputs. This channel switching is achieved via commands over a databus from Skyquest displays or control panels. The unit will be an add-on to the existing standard definition VDSU-1407, giving the end user a complete video management system for all of the latest video formats required on today’s surveillance aircraft.


The VADU-9110 is designed as a simple video distribution unit for smaller systems having limited mission equipment interface requirements, as opposed to a VMS. With a 32x32 channel matrix installed, the VADU-9110 can actively switch any of the 32 inputs to any of the 32 outputs when commanded by the connected displays. The unit has provision for distributing video to three displays, a video recorder and a downlink. The switching matrix can be customized for a customer’s unique requirements.


The VADU-9111 is a video splitter for SD and HD video. The unit is designed to take in two separate inputs and output 4 identical signals of each, for use in systems where active video switching is not required. The signal types can be standard composite video or high definition HD-SDI video, or a combination of both. The two input types are configured by the part number and therefore set at the factory.


The VADU-9112 provides central video distribution of multi format video sources to multiple displays. Designed to work in conjunction with the AVDU-2105 hand held display, each output connector provides both video signals and power to up to 10 connected AVDU-2105s. With a 32x32 video channel switching matrix installed, the VADU-9112 can actively switch any of the 32 inputs to any of the 32 output channels,  as selected by the connected displays. The internal matrix can be customized to customer- specific requirements. This unit is particularly suited to systems with multiple work stations or multiple display installations, as in a troop-carrying aircraft where up to ten troopers can have access to the same video on hand held displays.


Ancillary Products

To complement the core Skyquest range of displays, video recorders and video distribution units, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing offers ancillary products that can bring additional capabilities to a Skyquest system.


PANL-1588 Keyboard

CWCEC offers a rugged, back lit solution for users who require a keyboard and mouse to operate on-board computers and moving map systems. When connected to a Skyquest display, this QWERTY keyboard, via an IUPC interface unit, will automatically control the computer/map being viewed.
Various language layouts are available.


Video Converters

A  range of video converters are available  to convert various video formats. Current Skyquest converters include: 

CUGV-1020 This unit is used to convert an RGBHV (VGA) input to a composite, or Y/C output.

CUGV-2020  This unit is used to convert a composite, Y/C or RGB input into an RGBHV (VGA) output.

RAIU-2000  This is a specific converter for the Telephonics RDR1500 radar, taking the output and converting it to standard VGA for use in an AVDU series display.


Cargo Hook Camera  (CAMV-1500)


Enables the pilot or crew on board the aircraft to have full live video coverage of cargo hook or hoist operations. A specially developed optical package enables the video image to show the underside of the aircraft down to the bottom of the hoist,  without distortion. The camera is also used by police and military to view and record fast roping missions.


Interface Units

In order to interface various control commands from the displays to connected third party equipment such as digital moving maps or PCs, we offer interface units to put these commands onto the Skyquest Remote Bus that links all the Skyquest units together. 


This is an interface unit for up to three PCs connected to the system via USB. This allows keyboard and mouse commands to be sent to the appropriate PC, as selected via the display.


This is also an interface for up to three PCs connected to the system via USB, but allows touch screen commands from the connected displays in the system to communicate with the PC. (Please note that the PC must have appropriate drivers, and Curtiss-Wright will require the appropriate touch screen protocol).


Recorder and Display Remote Controls

We can provide various remote control panels for both displays and recorders, where space is an issue or where another user needs control , but may not be able to access the primary unit.


A video recorder remote control panel, primarily used with the VRDV-3000 recorder. The unit replicates all the controls that are available on the recorder itself. It has the same dimensions as the VRDV-3000 in height and width, but is significantly reduced in depth. The units are linked using the Skyquest remote bus,  and can be mounted using the Dzus fixings into any cockpit or operator console.


The RCMP-1050 and RCMP-1080

These are display control panels that mimic a key layout for a display. They were designed to be used in conjunction with the keyless AVDU-2649 display, but can be integrated with any AVDU series display if required. The RCMP-1050 is horizontal in orientation, while the RCMP-1080 is vertical.


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